Those Days!

Weekends used to be fun when I was in States last year. I can only think of 2 weekends on which I stayed at home. There was so much to see and explore that we used to hit the road on almost every Sat/Sun. Friday night was many a times a party night which used to end late at 12 or 1 AM. Someone has to remind that we have to leave early morning for somewhere, was when we hurried up for taking a nap. Oh, those winter nights, those glasses of Red Wine, Vodka, Tequila and at two occassions beer. I entered this world of drinks at that time only in October of 2007, my first visit to USA.

For obvious reasons, I was not ready to even “try” anything or something for that matter! In my college days, my friends were not such Drinkers, and so I had stayed away from these things at a time when you are supposed to fall most easily in your life. ANyways, so I drank my first drink in my manager’s house over dinner occasion being my third day in States šŸ™‚ I was insited that Margarita (most common tequila-based cocktails) was almost as good as Sprite šŸ˜› I fell for the bait and thought of giving it a try (due to something which was urging me to and I can’t tell what it was). I must say that, I love the drink and after a glass, I had no sign of even a bit of dizziness, which means I passed the so-called test and I am fit for drinking šŸ˜€

Some weeks later, Manish (my manager at that time) introduced one of the best things I have tasted so far, Red Wine. Man, I loved this thing so much. I felt a kind of style in having a glass of Red Wine. And then, I became on of those who favored Red Wine in parties over Beer. Beer is something, I never kind of liked. I have kept myself away from it! And then there was Vodka and Tequila which were on my list of favs!

I really adore those 3 months, not for drinks but for the people around me, the fun we had, the travel we did and the memories I have!

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