Emotions, Ah those damn emotions

Being an emotional and sentimental idot, which I am, pain has a special affection for me. It hunts me down and then tracks the leverage it can have against me to torment me. At times, I foil those attempts, but they can be counted on my finger tips. Mostly, I fall to my hunter as a lame prey who tries its best to foil every attempt of being hunter.

These emotions come in kicks to me. I develop a sense of indifference to things, people, attitudes and environment and then at some other moment, I start falling for something. May be it’s my failure to see other good things, but I know I am a person who gets attached (emotinally attached) to things and peopl easily. I have understood that its very necessary to control your emtions to excel in life, to rise above this pain, to live completely and happily and to enjoy other things. You know, what’s most important, when you can devlop a resistance to emotion – you will feel a never ending spirit inside you to discover and foray in new and uncharted territories. When you don’t hold yourself to something, you will enjoy everthing to the fullest. The reason is that, when you are attached to something more than you need, there’s a sense of fear of loosing that thing and it will constantly remind you of its existence and you will be strained at times, thinking that what will happen to you when you’ll loose it! That feeling needs to be tamed. This is what Lord Krishna meant, when he says in Geeta that “What is it that you brought with you to this world, and what is it that you will take with you from this world” . He didn’t just meant about physical things, he also meant about emotions, feelings, attachment.

I am no expert at this psychology, but this is the first hand short account of how I take it.

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