Month: July 2009

Another Chinese Rip-off!!

I don’t know how many of you know or have actually seen that in China they manufacture duplicates of every other product available on this earth! By duplicate I mean they will copy the design, function and every thing including color of the original electronic device, no matter where in world it is originally owned and manufactured and then they will give it a different weird name and sell the product. I am from India and India is flooded with Chinese electronic goods (most of which enters country NOT through customs) and you will find a chinese rip-off for everything ranging from a radioshack alarm clock to iPhone, Wii, PS, Xbox and what now. Just look around yourself and every digital/electronic device has been manufactured under a different name in China. Name, that’s the only difference most of the times you will note.

Anyways, the latest rip-off I came across was of Amazon Kindle! Kindle is an e-book reader device developed and manufactured by Amazon. It is a revolution in its field which offers a large and ever increasing offereing of all type of books, international newspapers, magazines. This product completely overshadowed the competitor from Sony. Ok let’s come to the point. A Japanese subsidiary of Chinese Peking University Founder Group Corp., named Founder International, Inc. has come up with the exactly same device but named WeFound. Now that’s a funny name. Its more like “Ok people, We Found a new product which is an ebook reader device and we are now manufacturing it for you”. Funny. Isn’t it? Check the pictures and read about the rip-off here.

Bride Wars

I watched Bride Wars in two sittings. Started it last night and completed today after coming from the office. It’s a nice light movie. Started loving Anne Hathway, she is really cute.

Google Apps Out of Beta

Many of you would not have noticed that the word beta is no more coming with a lot of Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Talk. Google finally decided to take these google apps including Gmail out of Beta.

It has been more than 5 years since Gmail’s launch on April 1, 2004. Millions of users are already using it and a larger percentage of that have been loyal to Gmail to the point that Gmail has become the primary email service for them. I am one of those. I have been using most of Google Apps frequently in my daily life. Google Docs have replaced my dependence on MS Word, MS Excel. It’s not that I am using that in Office but for everything personal, I prefer to use Google Docs. When Gmail and Google Talk were launched, it pulled me away from my then primary Yahoo account. I no more log on to YM, except occasional for the sake of it.

Are you even listening?

Sometimes something happens in my life which makes me think that God is listening to my prayers. It’s just that he listens it late some time very late, so late that actually I no longer want that thing 🙂 And then that thing happens and makes my new scheme a crap! It’s funny sometimes and its otherwise at times.

I was shouting today morning that “It’s better for me to be at offshore rather than being here and spending 50 bucks everyday in cab fares” And just when, I had already so much in plans, all dependent on this onsite visit, I was told in the evening that I might have to head home as quickly as this month end 🙂

Oh God, I just hope you have something grand waiting for me there this time.

Independence Day

It’s 4th of July, so here I am wishing all my American friends a very happy Independence day.

I am not going to see the Macy’s fireworks in NYC this year. It was not that awesome last year so I am not feeling the urge to go there this year. By the way this year they are having it on Hudson river instead of East river. Here are the details for this year’s show.

Those of you who will be heading there, have fun!