Day: July 8, 2009

Google Apps Out of Beta

Many of you would not have noticed that the word beta is no more coming with a lot of Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Talk. Google finally decided to take these google apps including Gmail out of Beta.

It has been more than 5 years since Gmail’s launch on April 1, 2004. Millions of users are already using it and a larger percentage of that have been loyal to Gmail to the point that Gmail has become the primary email service for them. I am one of those. I have been using most of Google Apps frequently in my daily life. Google Docs have replaced my dependence on MS Word, MS Excel. It’s not that I am using that in Office but for everything personal, I prefer to use Google Docs. When Gmail and Google Talk were launched, it pulled me away from my then primary Yahoo account. I no more log on to YM, except occasional for the sake of it.