Month: September 2009

Everything against Me?

There are lot of people in the world who would be feeling miserable at this very moment like me. The reasons may be different for most of us, but there would be some who would be sharing the reason with me. I am still not able to grasp why this all keeps happening with me? Ok, I did not get something I wanted so bad. At least, I should have forgotten and made to forget the longing for that “so coveted” thing I literally worshiped and longed more than anything in my life so far. Nevertheless, God has something against me, I guess. He will not let me get it and he will not let me forget it. Why?I don’t see any logical reason behind this and I can’t understand what good is behind this suffering? I am the BEST and yet I see others intruding in and having their part of fun, if I must say, and then leaving or being left.

Weird Assignment in School!

These days, I am in my hometown on a short vacation. Yesterday, while visiting my grand-father (in-law)’s place, I happened to look into the school books and school diary of my cousin who is in 5th grade. He studies in D.A.V. Public School, Anisabad branch. Let me tell you that DAV comes into the best schools in the city and this particular branch “used” to be very good for primary education. I studied there in my childhood.

Anways, so while asking him  about what all he learned on Friday in School, he was telling me what happened in each class. Then I asked him about the homework. On which, I was shocked when he told me what was his homework in Sanskrit! The Sanskrit teacher has asked the students to “draw the picture present in the book of a specified lesson”. Now this is shocking as it shows the absurdity of the teacher in giving assignments. I am also forced to question his ability to teach the students. I am seriously not able to understand how drawing a picture (and that is also a complex one which has crow, trees and something else) is related to learning Sanskrit! Maybe, this absurd and idiotic assignment idea came to the teacher as they MUST give something to the students in homework every day. But still, how come you ask students to draw pictures in Sanskrit or English or Hindi class? Isn’t that supposed to be work of the drwaing or arts teacher? What are they giving in the homework – are they asking students to learn a poem and then recite it in the drawing class?

These things raise serious questions on how teachers are assessed by the school authorities. I am not sure if they are even assessed. But, today when parents are paying huge amount of fee to the schools and sending their kids to good schools, thinking that they might learn better, there’s something else which is going on. In India, there should be a district education council type of body which should time and again assess schools and all teachers. The process may be cumbersome and lengthy but it must be incorporated. The body should be given authority over all schools – public as well as private. It is the responsibility of the government to make sure that private schools are complying and are imparting proper education and values to the students who are attending those schools. Being privately funded does not mean that a school can do whatever it wants to!

Education is still a serious issue which needs more attention from the central and state government.


The weather has been so good so far in Patna from last Saturday. Not a single day has passed without rain or drizzle, and a cool breeze has been there every day. Today, the breeze turned into strong gusts of wind with heavy rains. All this added to the low temperature and relief from what I have been going through in Noida. Noida was so hot and humid, it was almost unimaginable to switch off the fan/a.c. and open your windows for that natural air! Here, it’s altogether different in an obviously good way.

I really enjoy this weather where I can feel the wind and the slight cold which it carries, which at times make you run for covering you up 🙂 Well, such a good time to be home 🙂

Something to cheer for in Indian Football

Last night, India crushed Syria 6-5 in a tightly contested final match for Nehru Cup. The match ended in penalty shootout when Indian goal keeper Subrata Paul saved one penalty kick to give India the Nehru cup.

It was a great day for Indian football as the entire Ambedkar stadium was jam packed and some people even had to return back due to non-availability of tickets. It felt god to see such a huge crowd and obviously the players would have also enjoyed such a sight! Despite any promotion, any celebrity behind it, people turning in such huge numbers, will no doubt lift the morale of any team and any sportsman for that matter.

Cricket has overshadowed every other sport in the country and that is a topic of another debate. I will not dive in that discussion. Nevertheless, the sole star of Indian football so far, Bhaichung Bhutia, whom many people in India know as a footballer and many can identify him, would be a happier soul after last night.  He would have enjoyed every single moment of the game on the field and after the game.  The Indian government must felicitate the entire team for their effort and this crown. Until and unless government takes some serious steps to revive every other sport, very less can be done by people themselves. And this occasion demands to be that turning point in the Indian Sporting history. Indian coach, Bob Houghton also deserves equal praise for this stupendous effort and win. Everyone associated with the team needs praise from all quarters and Indian government need to appreciate their efforts.

What we all need is do our part, to show our appreciation for the effort these sportsmen are making. We all can at least cheer for them to let them know that they are not alone, that we are not only cricket-living nation. With simple gestures, their morale will be lifted and their performance will improve for sure!