Everything against Me?

There are lot of people in the world who would be feeling miserable at this very moment like me. The reasons may be different for most of us, but there would be some who would be sharing the reason with me. I am still not able to grasp why this all keeps happening with me? Ok, I did not get something I wanted so bad. At least, I should have forgotten and made to forget the longing for that “so coveted” thing I literally worshiped and longed more than anything in my life so far. Nevertheless, God has something against me, I guess. He will not let me get it and he will not let me forget it. Why?I don’t see any logical reason behind this and I can’t understand what good is behind this suffering? I am the BEST and yet I see others intruding in and having their part of fun, if I must say, and then leaving or being left.

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