Month: November 2009

A political sham?

Shivsena  and MNS are nothing more than a sham. I was watching news minutes ago and saw that Shivsena activists attacked Leopold Cafe in Mumbai today. Their pretext was a coffee mug which is being sold at the cafe. The coffee mug is a memorabilia of 26/11 and has a graffiti of words and not gore violence. The mug is in no sense a joke on 26/11 as felt by Shiv Sena activists. It shows their lack of thoughtful thinking and mindlessness. No sane person will say that. It is, as per me, a homage to the martyrs and a way for us to not forget that dreadful night. Nevertheless, Shivsena, now a days is running short of genuine political campaigns and issues for people, so the think tank has been asked to figure out pity ideas which show the shallowness of the their political masters.

Both of these parties are coming up with subjects which provoke people at large and garner maximum media attention. Shivesena is hungry of people’s attraction, it knows that the fan-following has been eroded and so it has decided that it’s not going to fight for actual issues which affect Marathi Manus but instead go against it. Bal Thackrey even said in Saamna after Maharashtra elections that Marathi Manus has betrayed him. I guess this is the reason he and his party has left Marathi Manus on its own.

What’s most pitiful is that Maharashtra police is doing nothing to curb the anti-social activities of these two parties and their activists.

Another blot on Indian Politics

Today, a politics party which has criminals and roadside goondas as its leaders and also known as MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) staged a hooliganism show inside Maharashtra Assmebly. These illiterate, shameless and midless people hit another MLA who was taking the oath in Hindi, which is official language of India.

What an irony and what a good image Maharashtra and India will have in International media! A country where a political party which is always engaged in criminal activities, spreading hatred, dividing people is still able to exist and its leaders still able to contest elections. The fastest and biggest emerging threat to unity of India is Raj Thackrey, his hooligans and his party. The buffoon Ram Kadam, an MLA from MNS party said about the incident that after slapping the MLA, Maharashtrians were very happy and they have done this to make the image of Maharashtra! Now can someone tell this idiot to shut his mouth and get admitted in a mental institution? Can someone tell these guys that Hindi is the national language and the constitution allows everyone to take an oath in Hindi.

Where is India going with all this? Why can’t constitution enact laws to severely punish these morons who are doing nothing but dividing the country on communal lines?

God save India.