My worst day of 2009

4th Dec 2009 was simply the worst day for me in 2009. Oh well, it could be the worst day for me in a long time.

I missed my CAT examination, which is the most freaking and upsetting thing to happen. The numbers shit let me down. Somehow I remembered that my exam is on Saturday and so for the past one week, I never bothered to check my admit card and was feeling confident that the exam is indeed on Saturday. I planned accordingly and thought to take the printout on Friday evening before leaving the office. In the evening, it turns out that I was the biggest jerk who was not attentive enough and the exam on Friday morning. Could it have been worse? No way! I mean what kind of a jerk is so careless that he plays with this chances of getting into some premier management institutes.

What upsets me most is that, was it me? What am I doing to myself? How can such a silly and stupid thing happen to me? I have always been up to the mark when it comes to being prompt, fast, punctual and every other crap associated to being a nice disciplined (not in literal sense) attentive guy! How can I let me be like this?

Another thing which wrecked me yesterday was that I had to do something which I always loathed and hated in office. No it’s not that I start licking someone’s boot. It was that I had to take back my resignation. Poor me.

It was simply the worst day and I felt like my brain will explode. I am still restless and not back to my calm self due to all this which happened since yesterday.

Now, to those who say that whatever happens happens for good crap, what is the good in missing my CAT examination? What is the good in doing something which you always hated? What is the crap not visible to me, and supposedly good that I am wasting my day being a wreck? What can be good in this that my mid is going all shit.


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