Day: January 31, 2010

Is Flash gonna die?

For quite some time, I was really not able to keep a tab on what’s all going around in the technology sector. I have been so busy with some other stuff for past few months, that my only dose of updates were from NYT technology page and their bits blog.

Today, I got quality time and thought of powering on my laptop and getting hooked up on net. I checked my mails and logged off so that I don’t keep watching the mailbox after every 10 minutes and clear the spam coming my way 🙂

So, while browsing stuff today, I came across an article which was talking about how Adobe was taking a hit at Apple for not supporting flash on iPad. It was interesting and that led me to search a whole lot of related topics around this flash thing.

It seems that Apple is in no mood of supporting Flash as Apple is rooting for HTML5. Google also shows no intention of supporting Flash as Google itself is a big supporter of HTML5. Adobe cannot look up to Microsoft as MS already has Silverlight which was considered as Flash killer. So, what will be Adobe’s next move? I wonder.

This is an interesting read and so it this.

On the contrary, this is a really nice take by John Nack on why flash will not die and it should not be bashed so much.