Month: February 2010

Trying hands at fake HDR

Till the time I actually own a DSLR, I thought lets try to fake HDR images using Gimp. I got hold of an article which has some very basic steps for getting your single image modified to give you a somewhat HDR look.

Here are the images, I modified using the technique described here

Never stop dreaming

The one thing, I have always believed in is that, you should always dream big, aim high. I can never think of me as a person who does not dream, does not think that the best cannot happen to him. I have always stood behind those who aim high and dream big.

I knew about Susan Boyle and that she became famous through Britain got Talent. But, I never really had a chance to watch the video of her audition for Britain Got Talent, season 3. Today, while watching tv, I came across an advertisement about her debut album and I thought that let’s Google her and find some videos on Youtube. I did not have any problem in searching for the audition video. Believe me, it was awesome. The simple fact that here is lady who is 47 years, single and never kissed (she did admit that on that day), who was laughed on by almost everyone in the audience and even the judges! And to give the fitting reply to all of them, in fact I should say a stunning reply, she mesmerizes everyone with her singing. The audience gave her a standing ovation and the judges are dumbfounded. People in that hall just made fooled of themselves, when they laughed at Susan Boyle, when she entered on the stage.

Susan was confident when she entered the stage. She even answered the question about her dream – which was to be a professional singer. I was so amazed by her confidence, her singing that I was simply amazed by her. She somehow, let me realize that it’s never too late for dreaming and then getting to your dream.

Hats off Susan!

Just a thought

By the way, after posting the previous post, I just said to myself, that today is Valentines day, and here I am surfing the net from my flat and what do I have to write? About Vandalism 😛

Funny, but yeah that was what I felt like writing about.

Happy V day folks – Enjoy the day with your Valentines 🙂

Vandalize and get away…

In India, anarchists and political parties (which are more like vandal parties) have had a greater liking for defacing and destroying public property to show their disagreement to something.

In India, it seems it’s very easy to target public property and hen get away very easily. There are not heavy fines or stricter actions against the vandals or a longer jail period or even a stiffer bail application. It is more likely that the people involved in any such vandalism incident will walk freely after a week or two, ready to attack some other place.

Everyone in this country, has been targeting railways, buses, cars, shops, parks, multiplexes, roads, telecom and what not. Let there be even a letter box, and they will make sure that it is razed. I guess, what we need is more stricter laws which include heavy monetary fines. Monetary fines are the best way to tackle these vandals. Getting in jail and then walking away does not do any bad to them, but as I guess, maybe only good. They may be showing the jail terms on their resume to their political bosses in want of more challenging tasks. Nevertheless, when they will be asked to pay a hefty sum on their next vandal act, they will feel the pinch. The police should be using Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984 book the vandals, which is far more stricter than the IPC, 1860 which they use.

The government should come up with amendments to Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984 so that there are clear and mandatory provision for monetary fines, ranging not less than 5000 and going to a definite sum depending on the severity of the action of those caught. At least, the police and the law should make sure that those caught red-handed will have to pay the fine upfront before getting any bail. This will, I am sure, deter people who have nothing to do other than waiting a call from their political boss to attack something. I guess the political bosses will not like to pay up the fine themselves as this will for sure mean that they have to have own the incident.

An altogether different thing, which the law or amendment can bring in, is some sort of public service. Most of the countries have a provision of hefty fines and mandatory public service. how nice it would be, if the police, apart from collecting a hefty fine, asks those caught, to work with the municipal corporations Anti encroachment drive. This will be a win for all, as the people, I assume love destroying something and they will have their free hand and what’s an icing on the cake than being the police protecting you while you’re razing some structures 🙂

India needs a major overhaul of this law to deter vandals and protect public property.

An app for public transportation?

I was reading the GTFS specifications a few hours back and then I realized that in India, no transit authority publishes any such information.

Seeing the commonwealth games this year, I guess and hope that DMRC and DTC can publish transit information in GTFS format, so that the developers can come up with some web, mobile and iPhone applications. These applications will for sure make it much easier for everyone to commute and find the modes of transportation. The biggest benefit will be for the foreigners, who can use these apps to locate a metro station, get the schedule information, locate bus stops and get to know about timings and other gamut of information.

Most of the transit authorities in USA are using GTFS specs to publish information for the developers to come up with commuter friendly applications.Now is the time for DMRC and DTC.

Commonwealth Games & Public transportation

The Commonwealth games are around the corner and I still don’t see much improvement in public transportation in NCR.

Delhi Metro has been expanding into Noida and now recently entered Gurgaon. Nevertheless, the load has been so much that you will remember the ride for the discomfort rather than an easy and fast ride to your destination. Even since, the Noida lines were open, I have seen such a huge crowd all the time on the trains, inbound and outbound, that I wonder when will DMRC increase the frequency or have more coaches on the trains.

DTC, which is the largest carries when it comes to road transportation in NCR is far behind. The low floor buses have somewhat got jinxed in recent past. Government is still struggling to phase out blue line and white line buses. I seriously would not like for the foreign visitors to ride a blue line or white line bus to witness an ordeal for themselves with the unruly drivers and conductors, more than the passengers. Increasing the number of buses and frequency on the routes will be the only solution for getting a better response from the tourists.

Auto rickshaws can not be counted as I don’t think government can enforce them to ply by meter. And why will they, when the government is not tightening its noose on them as of this date. Auto Rickshaws in NCR are the biggest problem for domestic and international commuters in NCR. They NEVER go by meter and charge really odd amounts which is far more than what should be taken. The public is held hostage as you can’t find another one who will take you by meter. The traffic police is never concerned about this problem. I think, maybe cause no one gives it a damn to what happens.

But, just think what will happen when the huge influx of foreign tourists land in Delhi for the games. How good or bad an image will out public transportation leave in their minds? What looks of now is that it will be a lot of trouble for them to commute!