Commonwealth Games & Public transportation

The Commonwealth games are around the corner and I still don’t see much improvement in public transportation in NCR.

Delhi Metro has been expanding into Noida and now recently entered Gurgaon. Nevertheless, the load has been so much that you will remember the ride for the discomfort rather than an easy and fast ride to your destination. Even since, the Noida lines were open, I have seen such a huge crowd all the time on the trains, inbound and outbound, that I wonder when will DMRC increase the frequency or have more coaches on the trains.

DTC, which is the largest carries when it comes to road transportation in NCR is far behind. The low floor buses have somewhat got jinxed in recent past. Government is still struggling to phase out blue line and white line buses. I seriously would not like for the foreign visitors to ride a blue line or white line bus to witness an ordeal for themselves with the unruly drivers and conductors, more than the passengers. Increasing the number of buses and frequency on the routes will be the only solution for getting a better response from the tourists.

Auto rickshaws can not be counted as I don’t think government can enforce them to ply by meter. And why will they, when the government is not tightening its noose on them as of this date. Auto Rickshaws in NCR are the biggest problem for domestic and international commuters in NCR. They NEVER go by meter and charge really odd amounts which is far more than what should be taken. The public is held hostage as you can’t find another one who will take you by meter. The traffic police is never concerned about this problem. I think, maybe cause no one gives it a damn to what happens.

But, just think what will happen when the huge influx of foreign tourists land in Delhi for the games. How good or bad an image will out public transportation leave in their minds? What looks of now is that it will be a lot of trouble for them to commute!

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