Who am I cheering for in IPL-3?

Well, like previous seasons, I am rooting for Bangalore Royal Challengers and Mumbai Indians. I would like these two teams to reach in final and give us a good fighting match.

Of all the franchise owners, I like Neeta Ambani (Mumbai Indians) and Preity Zinta (Kings XI Punjab) the best. Reason being, they sit with their players in the dugout. Others, you would have seen prefer to sit in VIP stands and enjoy the show from distance. Neeta and Preity with their simple gestures are more connected to their teams, and I feel that this means that their teams are something more that mere business for them. Such gestures are commendable and I am sure the players would also be appreciative of the franchise owners spending time in dugout.

Go Royal Challengers Bangalore! Go Mumbai Indians!

One thought on “Who am I cheering for in IPL-3?

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