Month: April 2010

Right of Way

In India, I have always noted that the motorists here, do not have a perception of giving “right of way” to emergency vehicles.

Ambulances, fire brigades and other emergency vehicles keep blaring their sirens and “no sir, I will not let you pass” is what 99% of people say! This is ridiculous, considering the lives which are at stake somewhere. Traffic police never seems to be concerned with such violations. Well, when they don’t even care for other offences that seriously, why care about this thing?

I remember travelling with a client of ours (project team) who was here in India for attending some meetings. I was supposed to accompany him to the their India office in Noida from our office. All the time, I was trying to engage him in some conversation just to make sure that he is not terrified by seeing the rowdy traffic outside. I was quite successful in that, apart from some times when I was seeing a sense of  fright on his face 🙂 I guess, inside he must be always remembering God!