Day: June 19, 2010


I had really high hopes with Mani Ratnam and his Raavan. I will say that I was let down by Mani in his latest movie. I am not going to review the movie here. The first half was kind of slow and things started making sense only in second half, which was engrossing.

The one thing which I will say was best in the movie was the locations it has been shot on. Simply awesome. I am still not coming to terms with the fact that this movie was shot in India only. I am now counting days when I will be visiting those hills of Karnataka and the deep woods with streams.

The movie obviously builds on the Ramayana, you can say this is somewhat loosely based on it, kind of modern adaptation. I also thought that the character of Beera was somewhat influenced by Colonel Kurtz, who was like a God for the tribals. I mean at all those instances when Beera is actually living in the deep woods with the tribals and most of them hold him as a Robin Hood.

I am not able to say at this point as to what could have made the movie a lot better. It was lacking something, that’s for sure.