HTML5 and the browsers

Google Chrome released its latest version this morning, which is 7.0.517.41. With this release,   Chrome has added more support for HTML5.

Notable features with this release are:

  • Full AppleScript support on Mac OS X for UI Automation
  • Implementation of HTML5 parsing algorithms, File API and directory uploads
  • New dialog for managing block cookies in bulk

As I always do with every new release, I checked the compatibility of the browser with HTML5 on and Chrome scored a neat 231 out of 300. Chrome 6 had 217 out of 231. I have not installed IE9 on my machine for some reason and don’t even intend to do that for some time, but I used it on some other machine and IE9 scored a pathetic 91 out of 300! I was thinking all the way that through IE9, Microsoft will try to enter browser war once more. Nevertheless, it seems they are aiming for something else. At the same time, Mozilla Firefox is still at 139 points out of 300. I hope they must be aiming for there next release to address more and more of HTML5 support.

In the meantime, did you guys visit for some cool demos related to HTML5? If not, maybe you can spend a minute or two right now.

[Update: Just installed Firefox 4 Beta 6 and they have changed a lot from UI perspective. Still have to explore it. BTW, the new version as I said above, does support a lot of HTML5 features and scores 204/300]

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