Day: May 22, 2011

Flickr Pro

Last night, I bought the pro membership for Flickr. Not that, I have a huge lot to be uploaded and the 300 mb limit was withholding me. I wanted to get this for quite some time now. I had my expectations too from the pro membership and in a way I was let down by some things. I am going to mention a few things which need improvement, to begin with.

1. Stats Page Landing: First of all, please remove those gifs, someone encounters when first trying to access the stats page. The page needs redesign for sure. GIFs are like faux pas

2. Stats Page: Okay, stats page needs an overhaul. The current set of statistics are not actually that good. We need more views, drill downs – something like geographical locations would be a great addition. Also, graphical views, like pie charts will look a lot better when used to show the percentage split. Just look at how beautiful the stats are on Google Analytics. If you want to overlook that, just look at stats page! Flickr must be having algorithms, infrastructure to present such stats, it just needs to implement it.

3. Basic Photo Editing: At least pro members, should have access to basic photo editing tricks. At least, an ability to add text, watermarking?

Currently the pro account holders have only two benefits as I see it – Unlimited uploads and ad free pages. Well, I was never annoyed by ads on Flickr, as they are not eating up much space on the pages to actually annoy you. Unlimited uploads is the only thing you pay for.

Flickr, please do something on some of these things!

~ A fan, a user and now a pro customer