Public Service Message in Movie

I watched Super 8 at AMC in GSP, Paramus today, which is a good movie. I am not going to talk about the movie here, but about a public service message which was embedded beautifully in the movie.

In one of the scenes towards the end, Joe, one the boys from lead cast, is driving someone else’s car, who is stoned and so can’t drive. As they were reaching home, they see that military has started an attack in the town on nothing in particular, but the guns are firing, tanks are throwing shells. Joe parks the car at his home, and all his friends get out to run away to some place safe. They try to wake up the guy, who was stoned, but he is not waking up. At this point, one of the boy says “Drugs are so bad

I was impressed by the beauty with which the message was embedded in the plot. It was subtle. The sequence had attention of everyone, as it was towards the climax of the movie.

Appreciate the movie for that!

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