Google’s Introduction spell…

Starting this week, as Google has officially announced that users will be noticing a lot of design changes across the board of Google products.  Though it did not mention that Google will also be unveiling some new products, which being Google+ for public offering.

Google+ has been released for limited public with invitations being the only method as of now, by which you can get on the bus.

Techcrunch reported today, that Google has silently released another product – Google Takeout, which gives you the ability to download your data from Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profile, and Stream.

The application creates an archive of your data from these apps, and lets you download it on your machine. I tried exporting Buzz data, coz it’s a small set, just to see how it works and the format, in which data gets downloaded. The archive is made up of HTML files, with one HTML page for one buzz. It includes the comments which someone might have made on that post of yours.

This comes as a nice addition to Google suite of products and offerings.

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