Technical Issues

A nationwide courier company in India, AFL courier has one of the worst technical glitch on its shipment tracking screen (the URL which is embedded when an online retailer notifies your shipment delivery).

If you simply copy and paste the reference number from somewhere, and inadvertently there was a space character after the last number, the code in the background does not care to trim off blanks! Who would have written this code? Looking out for space character while reading input data from user-facing screens is amongst the basic and must-be-implemented features.

They have a lot of issues on their site, Sitemap, help pages are breaking.

The funny thing is, you cannot locate the homepage from this page. You’ll have to manually enter the address and then browse to the page. One you go to the actual homepage, the tracking form there, works as intended! Space characters are getting trimmed off

I am not sure why a lot of companies in India, are still not investing a good amount of money into their online assets and properties. It definitely adds to frustration in customers like me, and makes me to think about using the service provider again

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