Month: September 2011

Ban on Plastic Bags

Two weeks back, while shopping, I had kind of rude awakening to the fact that big retail stores are trying to do their part in ban on usage of plastic bags. Nonetheless, since we’re in India and most of the times, there are loopholes in every single law (please don’t generalize and hit me back with counterpoints), the stores have started using it to their benefit.

I was shopping in Lifestyle, Great India Place mall, Noida with my brother. At the billing counter, the salesman asked my brother, whether he needs a plastic bag. At the moment, I was surprised on hearing the question and thought for a moment – “What a stupid question. Are we supposed to take that Tee in our hands?” I think, my brother thought the same, as he answered affirmatively. ¬†On getting the bill, he saw Rs 5 charged for the plastic carry bag, and he inquired about that. The salesman told that, he did ask whether we need the bag or not! And he told that the bag is for Rs 5! Since we had already completed the payment, we moved out of the line, though kind of disturbed with this utter nonsense. It was fathomless for me at that time, as to what was going on.

Both of us bickered about this for some time.

The next day, Abhinandan told me a similar experience he had in Shoppers Stop. After which I did some research and figured that these stores are trying to be eco-friendly and reduce the usage of plastics. After reading this, my anger against the malpractices of these stores shot up multi-fold.

After all, if the stores really care about the environment and want to reduce the usage of plastics, why don’t they completely stop using plastic bags? Why can’t they use paper bags like Peter England has been doing for last 6-7 years? If this is not simply pretending on their part, then what is it?

I read somewhere that they are charging for the plastic bags, so that people will stop buying them and instead of that carry a bag with them. Do you really believe that crap? Do you think that they are not seeing an extra source of income, with really huge margins to reap the earnings and fatten the sales books?

A concerned person or organization, stops producing and distributing such items.

Dear LifeStyle, Shoppers Stop and other stores who are following this – get yourself right, don’t just pretend to care for the environment. Do something. Use paper bags! You can fool a lot of people in believing that charging for plastic bags is doing good for environment, but not me and people like me.