Month: October 2011

When a movie starts taking you a day after…

There are few instances, where I felt let down by a movie after leaving the theater and then after sleeping over it, I felt being attracted to it for some unknown reason. I usually start thinking over it every now and then, to refine my feedback.

The most recent case in point is Drive. I had ignored the trailer for the movie for a long time. I did not even know that Ryan Gosling stars in the movie. I was always under the impression (after seeing the thumbnail on IMDb) that it’s Daniel Craig. Even the title of the movie never attracted me, and I was always thinking it to be just another movie about fast cars and blah blah.

After watching the trailer on Friday night, I decided to go for it, thinking (and it’s justified) it to be a Action/Thriller movie. This is the reason, I felt let down in the movie. The movie (at least I) should be categorized into a Western-Action/Thriller genre. The acting was tight, direction was tight, but for moviegoers of commercial cinema – you don’t expect that to be well taken. For me, I had a different set of expectations from the movie, which I saw being crushed and I lost it altogether.

The only thing I loved was the soundtrack, which is definitely fitting for the movie.  The opening track “Tick of the Clock” by Chromatic was perfect for that entire sequence. Nightcall by Kavinsky was equally good and so was A real hero by College feat Electric Youth.

As I said, when I look back, and think of the movie as something in Western genre, I somewhat appreciate the movie. Nonetheless, when I was watching it in the theater, I felt like I wasted 180 bucks 😦

Wrong expectations always spell doom – in all contexts 🙂