Team India continues to get mauled

I was not expecting a different result of the 3rd test match, after what I saw in the first two.

I have always believed that, losing is not something to feel ashamed of in a game, until you lost fighting till the last minute of the clock. Nonetheless, we all have seen the meek surrender of Indian Team in the first two tests and I was (honestly) not expecting a dramatic turn-around.

I was also not surprised to listen to the feedback and opinions and demands of the self-proclaimed cricket pundits, which the news channels these days call “Greats” of the game. Now, if you think Akash Chopra as a great, then I would have nothing but pity on you. So, with all this hoopla going on, people asking to phase out seniors are asking for what they think is the problem. But, I would like to point to those morons that, it’s not that only seniors or

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