Algorithm Glitch or is it ok?

Few minutes ago, I was browsing to listen to Kishore Kumar. I noticed Hot Searches just below Search bar, and one of the names was Bruce Springsteen, though the spelling was incorrect there, and it was mentioned as Bruce Sprinsteen. Nonetheless, I thought that I better listen to him as it’s been long since I heard any of this songs. When I clicked on the text, I was taken to “No records found” text.

I was a bit puzzled, that if a term has been mentioned as hot search, how come it returns no results? Is it ok to list search terms which return no result on your site, just cause people are searching it on the site? If you ask me, it’s not correct behavior. Even from an user standpoint, I do not want to see a term in “Hot Searches” if it is not going to return a result for me. people should look into the algorithm for this functionality and probably should try to fix the same. Unless, someone can explain and convince me that such search terms are pretty much ok to have.

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