Standard Chartered Marketing Mail

Few months back, I received a call from a tele-marketer about a credit card from Standard Chartered bank. I was reluctant about getting it, but the tele-marketer explained me the benefits, which looked pretty good. She asked me the normal details – salary, where I work and normal stuff and told me that I “will” be eligible for a card with a credit limit of at least INR 1,00,000. This is what pushed me to get the card, even though I was already having two other cards with credit limit of equal or greater value.

Three weeks after that day, I received the card and it was having a credit limit of just INR 26,000. Saying that I was surprised would be going very soft on Standard Chartered guys. I cursed them from the depth of my heart for this “kind of joke”. I called them instantly and put down a cancellation request. I was asked the reason and I told them that the credit limit on the card is not what I was promised. A variation from the promised limit is expected, but not a variation of this magnitude. The customer support rep, was not in mood of letting me go and told me that every bank has its own set of guidelines for deciding credit limit and other nonsense stuff! I gently told him that I understand this, and would have appreciated to understand this even better if the limit would have been in range of +- 15K and then I asked firmly to cancel the card. That was it.

Nonetheless, I am writing this post since I am still getting Standard Chartered marketing mails on my email account! Shouldn’t they have deleted my email address during my credit card cancellation? THEY SHOULD HAVE. Every other bank does so, I cancelled a card of HSBC some time back, and I stopped getting marketing emails from them. Some of you might say that, it’s not such a big deal – Well, not for you,  but it is for me! And to top all this, I cannot simply unsubscribe from this newsletter by clicking a web link! The unsubscribe option in the footer of newsletter, takes me to landing page for phone banking of Standard Chartered! 

This all means that I need to call on their customer support numbers to get me off the mailing list? Why? Why can’t they have a simple unsubscribe me link on their web page, which can get me rid of this unwanted mail? Every other web based newsletter has this small yet essential  feature. How hard it is to have it?

I would humbly request Standard Chartered to get it implemented, which will ensure better customer service!

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