That trip to Nandi Hills

One of the few things I wanted to do in Bangalore, when I wanted to come to this city (and when I finally came down) was going to Nandi Hills. I finally made that trip, around 4 months after I arrived in this city as a resident and not a traveler. Thanks to Nitin and Charu for taking me along. 

That trip was great in itself. Even though, we were not able to see the sunrise, which was the main attraction (and our actual intent), due to the dense fog at the peak that day, we had a lot of fun traveling there, and then being there. We became a group of 10 people, thanks to friends of Charu and Nitin. I remember that it was damn windy at the top, and due to the mist in the air, it felt like it was drizzling. We kept getting slightly wet, every 10-15 minutes.

It was the first big outing for my camera, with promising opportunities for a lot of shots. Nonetheless, the fog screwed it up for me and my camera in a big way. Still, I managed to take few good shots of the vegetation – as in trees and sometimes people too 🙂


I would have loved to go back there, but it never happened. Anyways, there’s always a next time!



2 thoughts on “That trip to Nandi Hills

  1. Very nice blog. Me and my sister are planning to visit Nandi Hills next month on our kinetic. Was wondering if the roads were safe to ride considering hills. Did you guys switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips.

    1. Thanks for the like and your comment. Roads are pretty safe and well maintained (no potholes, if that is what you wanted to know 🙂 ), no streetlights though. We did not switch off the engine while coming downhill, and it’s not advisable, since you have to keep making turns, and there are some steep ones.
      If you’re planning to see the sunrise, you need to reach pretty early. There is a checkpoint, which is at the start of road in the hills. The gates open at around 5, and the security personnel or guards let the four wheelers pass first, followed by 2-wheelers. Once you reach near the top, do not park near the ticket counters, as you can also park above, and more than that, there’s almost 1-2 KM walk from the ticket counter till the actual point. Also, if you’re taking your vehicle beyond ticket counter stop, then there is no need to park there for buying tickets, as you can also purchase ticket at the entrance gate, beyond ticket center. Just keep following the road, and you’ll notice the gate.
      I think that is all the basic advice I can give.
      Have a happy and safe trip.

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