Month: February 2013

Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

After thinking for close to 2 months about writing a post, and keeping a promise I made to myself about writing a post every week of this year, I am here. Late as usual, failing to keep promises. I used to be good at keeping my word and promises, but lately I have been getting worse and worse at that. I need to pull up, pull up real bad, unless it’s too late.

Coming back to the point, I checked the year on the coin I have with me right now, and it’s 1996. 17 years! 

I remember really little about 1996. First thing, which came to my mind was that I was in 7th grade in that year. Actually, I passed 7th grade in March 1996. Next thing, in 1996, we had Cricket World Cup in India, and it was called Wills World Cup, after the sponsors name. As a matter of fact, that was the last time, International Cricket Council (ICC) used sponsors name in the World Cup title, as from 1999, the cricket world cup was simply called ICC Cricket World Cup! I also remember the captivating Coca Cola commercials which were aired during the world cup, with the famous tagline – josh ka rang laal

Other than that, I hardly remember any specific detail about that year!