Month: July 2013

Apathy…and empathy…

I had a close encounter with people’s apathy on Indian roads this Tuesday.

I met with an accident on my way to the office in the morning. I was on my bike and my brother was pillion rider with me. We had spent almost 50 minutes to maneuver through nasty traffic, for a journey which usually takes hardly 15 minutes.

I was driving in the leftmost lane, and a car was around 100 meters ahead of me in the center lane. I though of increasing speed and getting ahead of the car, but then though otherwise, since no one was pushing on my back, and I was almost near my office. Then, something happened. I heard a loud screeching noise, of someone applying the brakes instantly, and even before I registered it completely, the car in the center lane came into my lane and made a full stop. I was travelling somewhere between 50-60, and I tried to swerve, but hit the car’s rear door on the right and feel right away. After that, I could not recall what I was seeing, but I was dragged with the bike for almost 50-100 meters, before I made full stop. I made a fall on my right side, and dragged on that side. My brother managed to stand up before me, and then he helped me. I had bruises on my right arm, a long scratching cut, and my jeans was all in tatters at knees, near pockets – on the right side. Some other biker, who was traveling ahead had stopped by the noise, and came running towards me. He helped in standing the bike on stands, and then asked me if I was hurt. My brother was all the time saying that I was hurt, but I did not know how badly, since I was not feeling the pain. It was when the other guy told me that I was badly hurt, after seeing my arm and bleeding knee, I realized that I was really hurt. 

I was looking towards the car and the driver, who had decided to come to a full stop after suddenly changing lanes. I wanted to scream at her, but did not. I thought she will at least come and ask if we were okay, but she did not. She stepped out of her car hurriedly, and then just checked her car for dents (if any), got into her car and left right away!

Meanwhile, some other cars had stopped, and I saw that there was another biker who was badly hurt, and was bleeding profusely. A gentleman came out of his car and was calling someone and helping the guy, by the time we left…