Month: August 2013

Workplace and Managers

At work, at times you get a manager who is so difficult to get along with that you find it’s painful even to smile to him/her. You actually change your path, whenever you can. I am not sure about everyone else, but that’s what has happened to me at my current workplace.

I always thought that the manager(s) I had in my first company, were the most lousy of the lot. But, when I reflect back, I can definitely say that they were a lot better than the ones I have to currently deal with.

Over the time, I have realized that there’s a wider problem with the current crop of managers or people who are just sitting above you due to the number of years they have spent in the industry. Many of them – the ones I am lambasting here – are good for nothing, be it – technical, functional, communication, or the most expected trait of them – managerial. I know quite a few of them, who’ve reached there by shining the boots. I also realized that such people are hard to get along with, as they take you as a threat, since they see you as more talented, and as someone who questions. They hate our guts. They hate that we don’t follow their shitty whims, or that we don’t want to leave the chair for them when playing musical chair (well, I never had this scenario, but am just painting a picture for the sake of it).

Funny, it may seem, but I was told at my current company, that “there are people who get up from their seat, when a senior is talking to him/her”. This was in reference to the fact that I was comfortable in my chair, when my manager came to my desk to ask me something. I wanted so badly to hit that schmuck in his face and tell him that he is not living in a sarkaari daftar and I am not his peon or clerk, that he expects me to get up from my seat. I get up from my seat for people I respect, or I care about. And respect is earned, not asked for. And as far as professionalism is concerned, I was under the bounds and not violating any shit. Well, that was one part of a whole bunch of shit.

Recently, it’s getting increasingly difficult to pass another day at this worthless, and thankless job. It has reduced to a way to pay my bills and EMIs, rather than the enjoyment I had from working. I don’t know, when and how I can get out of this enormous crapload of job.