Day: January 1, 2016

Just another year…

Another year has gone by and we have entered into a fresh new year which is looking upon us with curious eyes. It must be curious like all its predecessors.

More often than not we resort to asking  – “What this year has in store for me?“. This year I want to turn this question on its head and rather ask myself – “What I have in store for this year?“. I want to take this year head on with all fervor and enthusiasm I can gather. I don’t want to think of resolutions for this year. Does that count as a resolution? The thing about not thinking about resolutions..? Maybe. Maybe not. Well, I don’t want to think a lot about it and will be satisfied with my gut feeling of this not being counted as a resolution.

The first thing which I wanted to take up this year was this blog of mine which has been dormant for so long that I was seriously considering deleting it altogether. Guess better sense prevailed and I decided against it. And so, here I am trying to put life in this little project of mine. I know that I want to be a good writer and I have what can make me one. I just need to perfect this art of writing so that I don’t sound as stupid and plain as I am right now.

Cutting it short. Cheers. Happy New Year everyone.