About Me

An unquestioned answer, an unanswered Question!

Hey There!  I shall tell you that I am from Patna, which is in Bihar, India. Bihar is a state which doesn’t come in good books for many people for some odd reasons, but if you would like to believe me, it’s just bad press. I can write a post about that, and maybe I will.

I am a CSE graduate (2006) from India. Currently working for an Indian Software MNC as Technical Lead. Apart from Computers, software, technology, gadgets, I love photography, which is like a passion . I have bought so many cameras so far, that my mom tells me I can start a small used camera shop. I just love taking pics and love my camera. I am also one of those, who are always behind the camera and seldom get clicked. Rather I believe in taking beautiful pics, which draws accolades from you and everyone else.

I read a lot (and that means a lot). If I am sitting idle at hairdresser and you throw a foreign language magazine in front of me, I will anyways, flip each and every page. What I wanted to tell you about reading is that I read everything and across the topics, subjects, genres. I plan to have a small library kind of thing in my home some day.

Sometimes, I write too and that is why this blog exists. A lot keeps on going inside my head, but lately I have been so lazy to put them down in words. I write on random things, not tying myself to a subject. So, you can read from technology to economics, from sports to politics, from astronomy to handicraft, from fashion to marginalization of society. That’s the breadth.

I love traveling. I have been to US quite a number of times now, and I am so much in love with everything about it. I have a list of places to visit before I say goodbye, and it keeps on growing. I so much want to go to Europe and Australia and New Zealand. Well, that covered almost half of the earth (at least in crude geographical terms)

Lastly, my passions are Technology, Reading, Writing, Traveling, Photography, Music (Rock, Alternate, New Age, Pop and many more genres depending on mood) and yes Movies (have always been more inclined to Hollywood)!

Hope that you think I am a guy worth knowing. See ya again and again here!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It is still not complete…U are one of No- Nonsense guy who keeps lots of things to himself…We wud like to know more of Anur Abhishek – his upbringing….his life from Bihar to Delhi to US….His crushes,his aims, his family…Awaiting lot more about Anur Abhishek..

    1. 🙂 Crushes, I can write on that. I had just 3 to count on fingers, I mean serious crush. “Not-so-serious” crush is every day’s business…

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