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MS to replace Live with Bing

Microsoft is soon going to unveil its new search engine named Bing. It will replace the current search platform, Live. So far MS has constantly staggered behind Google in the search market. It always tries to catch on but Google in no way looks to relent and take a breath in this race. Google continues to be the leader in the game with 64% share of US search market!

Bing at its core is a decision engine which intially¬†aims at users trying to find something related to shopping, travel,health & local business. It’s not that it will not respond to other search terms, it will. Nevertheless, users trying to find something in above 4 categories will feel a richer experience. I have still to try hands on it as after the intial rollout they have taken it back and all you can see now is the video.

Let’s see how it shapes itself up for the users who are waiting to try hands on it. Only time will tell whether it’s going to present stiff competition to Google or the bubble will burst like Cuil