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That insatiable craving

So, here I am, another day without much to work and am done with “The fault in our stars“. I don’t have another book with me right now, so that I can dive headfirst and start turning page after page.
I am not able to pretty much think about doing something else to keep me occupied.  Web is just boring, not in a mood to read editorials on WaPo or NYT today. Neither in a mood to read few articles on The Atlantic or The New Yorker, though am huge fan of these magazines. Actually, all I want right now is to grab that copy of And mountains echoed I have at home. I am feeling prerr stupid about not carrying it with me today, when I knew that I will be done with remaining 100 pages of The fault…. Guess there was a lack of proper thought about tge situation from my side, when I was leaving from home.

I have always loved books, it’s not a new found love which I only find when I have not much to do in the evening or at work. This year is different though, I am reading at a pace I have never read in past. It has to be different,  as I plan to reach that elusive goal I have been setting for myself for last three years now – read 50 books in an year. I know the next 4 books I am going to read after And the mountains echoed. And I have already bought them 🙂

The next 4 are going to be (in no specific order)
The spinning heart
The Luminaries
The spy who came in from the cold
The cuckoo’s calling

See, I have a perfect mix of genres to entertain me and to take me into pretty opposite ends of the spectrum.

What are you reading these days?

Daily Prompt: Bookworms | 1Q84

Last night, I was thinking about how infrequently I blog since a long time. I was feeling really down yesterday and so was contemplating writing something about what I was feeling, God and all that shit, which comes to your mind, when nothing seems to be going in direction you want. So, this morning, I logged in, and thought that I will at least start responding to Daily Prompt and Weekly inspirations, to give me a jump start, if nothing else.

These days, I am reading 1Q84 and that was besides my bed.


The 10th word was broadcast and a Google image search gives me this image of an NBC nightly broadcast control room.


Seeing this image, or before I actually saw this, the first thing which came to my mind, was live sports broadcast (as I was watching EPL matches last night). I always wondered, how much technology, effort, and manpower goes behind the scenes in ensuring a live broadcast of a sporting event. Live coverage of sports, any day is more demanding in terms of resource input, than live broadcast of a speech. Reason being, in sports, you got to have multiple cameras, depending on the sport you are covering, to give multiple angles to TV viewers, cameras to cover those attending the game, some for covering what’s going on outside the stadium (like in Tennis, for instance).

I was watching The Newsroom on HBO and that gave a lot of insight into the production and broadcast of nightly news on TV. 

In response to Daily Prompt: Bookworms

Day 1


Woke up, got ready and paid a visit to the temple. Going to the temple is always peaceful and has a feel-good factor. So many times, I have thought over and decided that I should go there at least a week, esp when its not far from where I live. Sunny was with me and we walked down there.

We went for breakfast after that and the first breakfast for the new year was Idli Sambhar.

Started Fahrenheit 451.

Completed 25th Hour and then watched Moneyball.

In the evening, we headed to bowl at EOD in GIP, but there was waiting of 3 hours! Abhinandan and his friends joined us there and we decided to head over to Delhi. We went to Essex Farm, near IIT Delhi and played pool and then two games of bowling.

Dinner was back in Noida in Vinni’s, Sec 18.