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Daily Prompt: Bookworms | 1Q84

Last night, I was thinking about how infrequently I blog since a long time. I was feeling really down yesterday and so was contemplating writing something about what I was feeling, God and all that shit, which comes to your mind, when nothing seems to be going in direction you want. So, this morning, I logged in, and thought that I will at least start responding to Daily Prompt and Weekly inspirations, to give me a jump start, if nothing else.

These days, I am reading 1Q84 and that was besides my bed.


The 10th word was broadcast and a Google image search gives me this image of an NBC nightly broadcast control room.


Seeing this image, or before I actually saw this, the first thing which came to my mind, was live sports broadcast (as I was watching EPL matches last night). I always wondered, how much technology, effort, and manpower goes behind the scenes in ensuring a live broadcast of a sporting event. Live coverage of sports, any day is more demanding in terms of resource input, than live broadcast of a speech. Reason being, in sports, you got to have multiple cameras, depending on the sport you are covering, to give multiple angles to TV viewers, cameras to cover those attending the game, some for covering what’s going on outside the stadium (like in Tennis, for instance).

I was watching The Newsroom on HBO and that gave a lot of insight into the production and broadcast of nightly news on TV. 

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