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Day 1


Woke up, got ready and paid a visit to the temple. Going to the temple is always peaceful and has a feel-good factor. So many times, I have thought over and decided that I should go there at least a week, esp when its not far from where I live. Sunny was with me and we walked down there.

We went for breakfast after that and the first breakfast for the new year was Idli Sambhar.

Started Fahrenheit 451.

Completed 25th Hour and then watched Moneyball.

In the evening, we headed to bowl at EOD in GIP, but there was waiting of 3 hours! Abhinandan and his friends joined us there and we decided to head over to Delhi. We went to Essex Farm, near IIT Delhi and played pool and then two games of bowling.

Dinner was back in Noida in Vinni’s, Sec 18.


Are you even listening?

Sometimes something happens in my life which makes me think that God is listening to my prayers. It’s just that he listens it late some time very late, so late that actually I no longer want that thing 🙂 And then that thing happens and makes my new scheme a crap! It’s funny sometimes and its otherwise at times.

I was shouting today morning that “It’s better for me to be at offshore rather than being here and spending 50 bucks everyday in cab fares” And just when, I had already so much in plans, all dependent on this onsite visit, I was told in the evening that I might have to head home as quickly as this month end 🙂

Oh God, I just hope you have something grand waiting for me there this time.