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FaceTime Ad

I know there are people who hate (really hate) Apple for some reasons. Well, they may have there own reasons and I am not writing this to fight them or open a debate. I love Apple, but not like someone who is in blind love. I do criticize them at times, but those instances have been very few. I feel that mostly (and I repeat mostly) whatever they do is awesome. Even there advertisements score the perfect point. Take for instance the advertisement for FaceTime, the new feature which was launched with iPhone4. I mean, who ever, even thought about addressing that segment of customers through some/any form of advertisement. And here Apple, scored full marks and in a way captured a segment of customers through their ad!

iPhone and kids

While reading NYT last weekend, I came across an article which discussed how iPhone was quickly becoming a favored “toy” for toddlers and kids. iPhone with  its user friendly interface and so many smart apps and games can obviously become an attraction for toddlers and kids. Rightly pointed in that article that kids are often attracted as something happens when they just touch the screen. Why wouldn’t they be curious and find themselves glued when they can play games just by tilting the phone in their little hands!

The article can be found at here