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Workplace and Managers

At work, at times you get a manager who is so difficult to get along with that you find it’s painful even to smile to him/her. You actually change your path, whenever you can. I am not sure about everyone else, but that’s what has happened to me at my current workplace.

I always thought that the manager(s) I had in my first company, were the most lousy of the lot. But, when I reflect back, I can definitely say that they were a lot better than the ones I have to currently deal with.

Over the time, I have realized that there’s a wider problem with the current crop of managers or people who are just sitting above you due to the number of years they have spent in the industry. Many of them – the ones I am lambasting here – are good for nothing, be it – technical, functional, communication, or the most expected trait of them – managerial. I know quite a few of them, who’ve reached there by shining the boots. I also realized that such people are hard to get along with, as they take you as a threat, since they see you as more talented, and as someone who questions. They hate our guts. They hate that we don’t follow their shitty whims, or that we don’t want to leave the chair for them when playing musical chair (well, I never had this scenario, but am just painting a picture for the sake of it).

Funny, it may seem, but I was told at my current company, that “there are people who get up from their seat, when a senior is talking to him/her”. This was in reference to the fact that I was comfortable in my chair, when my manager came to my desk to ask me something. I wanted so badly to hit that schmuck in his face and tell him that he is not living in a sarkaari daftar and I am not his peon or clerk, that he expects me to get up from my seat. I get up from my seat for people I respect, or I care about. And respect is earned, not asked for. And as far as professionalism is concerned, I was under the bounds and not violating any shit. Well, that was one part of a whole bunch of shit.

Recently, it’s getting increasingly difficult to pass another day at this worthless, and thankless job. It has reduced to a way to pay my bills and EMIs, rather than the enjoyment I had from working. I don’t know, when and how I can get out of this enormous crapload of job.

Managers with Benefits

This summer a movie featuring Justin Timberlake and adorable Mila Kunis is going to hit the screen. The movie is titled Friends With Benefits.

I am not going to talk about the movie, even give you the plot. You can check all that on the IMDb link, embedded above. I referred the movie, just to let you guys know the inspiration for the title of this post.

In every parlance of life, you have some relationships which give you benefits. Sometimes, they come without you asking for them, at others you have to actually ask for it, but not fight for it. The same holds true in the official circuits, specifically for the scope of this post – IT industry.

Now, I do not want to use terms like bootlicking, buttering and all related jargons or better say slang to explore how some managers become managers with benefits. Let that remain aside, since we all know how they become what they become (actually are).

Sadly, the IT industry, again limiting my scope to the company I worked for and few others I closely know about, have skewed the concept of managers. Managers in these IT corporates are no longer managers, who are managing projects and resources – with the skill or extensive training for that field. All you need for getting to the post of manager – skills for socializing (well, this is sarcastic remark, if you’re intelligent, you know what I am pointing to), number of years (successful executions does not matter) and passing PMP examinations (which is the standard certification for managers worldwide).

The ingredients of becoming manager, might have given you the hint as to why the concept of manager is skewed. No longer you’re needed to show the skills of people management, grooming talent, showing negotiation skills  (now you need intimidation skills), charting a growth part for your subordinates and being proactive in tracking it periodically (not waiting for half-yearly and yearly goal-setting and appraisal cycles).

All a manager needs is play around with these terms, intimidate when it is needed (and in case of some talented people, its use if recommended often), obfuscate the HR process completely (refer the employee to vicious circle of HR to Reporting manager to Delivery Unit head when necessary).

Constructive criticism is a big No. Well, out of 100, only 10 will actually know this concept, and out of those only 5 will even have the courage to actually say it. And what happens to those lucky (or better say unlucky few)? In almost all cases, you get screwed, screwed by the system.

If your reporting manager was goofing around, playing around, abusing the system, showing complete disrespect for your tasks, positively giving negative vibes about the outcome of the task you’re working on, goes to such a distance to say on say 1  “your project is doomed, it will come to us again” and gives illogical analogies on top of it all to irk you, to make you think how and why he is where he is, and also to sympathetically think about “is something wrong with him?” – You gather courage (actually you think something is wrong and it needs to be brought back on track), you actually discuss this all through your super manager (manager’s manager). Your super manager tried to be friendly with you, says all rosy things, which actually encouraged you to bring this little something to his notice. What happens? Yeah, you get screwed! You’ll say, WTF, how, why? Well, the answer is simple, your manager is the manager with benefits. Not only your super manager, tells your manager, what you said about him, they also discuss to screw you better.

Now your petty manager (even thugs have some conscience) stoops to his lowest and starts doing little something for which he is actually spending time (and seriously wasting it) painstakingly like a little kid who will not tell you what was the homework yesterday, when you’re absent, all due to the reason that you told on him to the class teacher, coz he was peeing in the classroom (you’re concerned as his act is detrimental for rest of the mortals around him)

Well, enough said. Some things eventually die on their own course. What’s the better word – yeah Implosion!