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When a movie starts taking you a day after…

There are few instances, where I felt let down by a movie after leaving the theater and then after sleeping over it, I felt being attracted to it for some unknown reason. I usually start thinking over it every now and then, to refine my feedback.

The most recent case in point is Drive. I had ignored the trailer for the movie for a long time. I did not even know that Ryan Gosling stars in the movie. I was always under the impression (after seeing the thumbnail on IMDb) that it’s Daniel Craig. Even the title of the movie never attracted me, and I was always thinking it to be just another movie about fast cars and blah blah.

After watching the trailer on Friday night, I decided to go for it, thinking (and it’s justified) it to be a Action/Thriller movie. This is the reason, I felt let down in the movie. The movie (at least I) should be categorized into a Western-Action/Thriller genre. The acting was tight, direction was tight, but for moviegoers of commercial cinema – you don’t expect that to be well taken. For me, I had a different set of expectations from the movie, which I saw being crushed and I lost it altogether.

The only thing I loved was the soundtrack, which is definitely fitting for the movie.  The opening track “Tick of the Clock” by Chromatic was perfect for that entire sequence. Nightcall by Kavinsky was equally good and so was A real hero by College feat Electric Youth.

As I said, when I look back, and think of the movie as something in Western genre, I somewhat appreciate the movie. Nonetheless, when I was watching it in the theater, I felt like I wasted 180 bucks 😦

Wrong expectations always spell doom – in all contexts 🙂


Public Service Message in Movie

I watched Super 8 at AMC in GSP, Paramus today, which is a good movie. I am not going to talk about the movie here, but about a public service message which was embedded beautifully in the movie.

In one of the scenes towards the end, Joe, one the boys from lead cast, is driving someone else’s car, who is stoned and so can’t drive. As they were reaching home, they see that military has started an attack in the town on nothing in particular, but the guns are firing, tanks are throwing shells. Joe parks the car at his home, and all his friends get out to run away to some place safe. They try to wake up the guy, who was stoned, but he is not waking up. At this point, one of the boy says “Drugs are so bad

I was impressed by the beauty with which the message was embedded in the plot. It was subtle. The sequence had attention of everyone, as it was towards the climax of the movie.

Appreciate the movie for that!

I hate Luv Storys

Watched I hate luv storys this Friday night. I liked the movie even though those who went with me, did not like it!

There was as such nothing new in the movie from story per say, but I enjoyed the presentation, fast flowing script and acting of Sonam A Kapoor and Imran Khan. Sonam was really awesome. She looked awesome and acted very well. Songs were good. Overall, I can give the movie 3.5-4/5. I mean I like such simple movies, without too much drama. Give me old wine in a new bottle, and I will savor it.

Movie Outing

Went for I hate luv storys on Friday night with some friends here. We went to Big Cinemas in North Bergen, 10 PM show.

First a small and brief review of the theater. The theater kind of sucks big time. Looks like after Big Cinemas purchased this property, they decided to go on a cost cutting spree, overlooking everything. Let’s start from the ticket counter. Even though there were 6 counters, only one was being operated and there were at least 30 people in queue. After 15 minutes or so, one more and then 5 more more minutes and one more counter was functional. Once we get inside, there’s nothing really good to eat. I am sure they outsourced this snack joint to some Gujju family (no offence guys) who are more concerned with minting money. The quality of food and drinks (especially tea) sucks big time.

Once we actually entered the theater and took our seats, the real frustration began for me (at least). The ystarted showing ads for Sony Television in a repeated loop. They showed Sony’s serials and all stuff for (am sure) at least 15 minutes. After that, they ran an adv for some medical college in Antigua 4 times! WTF. And not to forget, 4 or more times, a caption for contacting someone for buying space for advertisement! Dude, you are supposed to show trailers of upcoming movies (this is not asking much) and not start advertising some crap , and that also 4-5 times.

I know, I am not going to go to that theater again!

Bride Wars

I watched Bride Wars in two sittings. Started it last night and completed today after coming from the office. It’s a nice light movie. Started loving Anne Hathway, she is really cute.