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Missing Indian food

One thing I love about being close to New York is that whenever I want to eat Indian food at a restaurant, I get many choices. I am in New Jersey and the central jersey (actually all of the Jersey) is filled with Indians and all things which are Indian. There are a lot of Indian restaurants around here which are frequented by non-Indians as well.

The second week of this stay of mine, I had a strong urge to eat Samosas. In my quest to satiate my tongue (and also my inner self) I ordered Samosas at Kailash (Ridgewood). Seeing it on the menu and then ordering the same, I was just waiting to devour the servings. To my dismay, the Samosas were not as they were intended. I mean a Samosa is supposed to be a dumpling of flour stuffed with mashed potatoes and some other stuff. The major ingredient has to be a spicy and lightly sautéed mashed potatoes. So, back to what I ordered. The Samosas I got, were stuffed with nothing but lettuce leaves and some seasoning! You can understand how heartbreaking it can be, especially in the moments where a strong sense of having something you were waiting for so long, is getting built-up inside you. Half hearted, I ate half of one piece and then left the rest for the wastebasket.

Still waiting to have good, authentic Samosas 😦