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Never stop dreaming

The one thing, I have always believed in is that, you should always dream big, aim high. I can never think of me as a person who does not dream, does not think that the best cannot happen to him. I have always stood behind those who aim high and dream big.

I knew about Susan Boyle and that she became famous through Britain got Talent. But, I never really had a chance to watch the video of her audition for Britain Got Talent, season 3. Today, while watching tv, I came across an advertisement about her debut album and I thought that let’s Google her and find some videos on Youtube. I did not have any problem in searching for the audition video. Believe me, it was awesome. The simple fact that here is lady who is 47 years, single and never kissed (she did admit that on that day), who was laughed on by almost everyone in the audience and even the judges! And to give the fitting reply to all of them, in fact I should say a stunning reply, she mesmerizes everyone with her singing. The audience gave her a standing ovation and the judges are dumbfounded. People in that hall just made fooled of themselves, when they laughed at Susan Boyle, when she entered on the stage.

Susan was confident when she entered the stage. She even answered the question about her dream – which was to be a professional singer. I was so amazed by her confidence, her singing that I was simply amazed by her. She somehow, let me realize that it’s never too late for dreaming and then getting to your dream.

Hats off Susan!