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Public Service Message in Movie

I watched Super 8 at AMC in GSP, Paramus today, which is a good movie. I am not going to talk about the movie here, but about a public service message which was embedded beautifully in the movie.

In one of the scenes towards the end, Joe, one the boys from lead cast, is driving someone else’s car, who is stoned and so can’t drive. As they were reaching home, they see that military has started an attack in the town on nothing in particular, but the guns are firing, tanks are throwing shells. Joe parks the car at his home, and all his friends get out to run away to some place safe. They try to wake up the guy, who was stoned, but he is not waking up. At this point, one of the boy says “Drugs are so bad

I was impressed by the beauty with which the message was embedded in the plot. It was subtle. The sequence had attention of everyone, as it was towards the climax of the movie.

Appreciate the movie for that!

This time it’s random…

The long weekend a.k.a. labor day weekend came and went by. Thankfully, I did not spent this one like Memorial day weekend, sleeping and almost doing nothing, in short wasting myself. I had plans to go sometime far, somewhere like Orlando or Miami, may be Sin city. But as it had been for quite some time, I am getting more and lazy and more or less perfecting the art of procrastination. I know it’s no good for me, you will say. I too wonder at times, when did this downfall started? I have no clue. I can think of a possible approximation, if you really press me, but still I don’t know why this happened after all.

Nevertheless, let bygones be bygones. Phew. See, now I am a bad write too. I am not a sadist who writes crap like this. I know you will not buy that, esp after reading this. You may be thinking about me as a freak, who just writes rubbish and maybe is a sentimental fool. Well then I will say that, you’re right about your last observation, but not about everything else. I am good at some stuff and I consider writing as one of them. Though, this piece and maybe most of the others ones here, may not back me up on that declaration of mine. Somehow, some of the prized possessions (yes there are very few of them) are still kept hidden from the world. This post and many others here are just for giving a vent to the anger or maybe frustration inside me, which builds at times. Again, I am not short tempered, but you’ve got to give it a way at times. After all, I am not harming anything or anyone by this channel.

Getting back to what it should have been, well Summer is unofficially over here. A fortnight or so, and we will start seeing fall colors here and there. I will miss Summer but I am also waiting for fall and then snow white winters.

A though really crossed my mind right now, “does it really have to make sense every time?” Nah, let it not make sense at least this time 🙂

Whatever happened to the rain God!

So much wrong is going on with the weather everywhere on the earth. The Russia wildfires, major floods in Pakistan, incessant heat on the eastern coast of US, where it used to rain almost every other day during summers. I think (actually am sure of) that all this is somehow related to the major phenomenon called Global Warming.

It’s getting worse every day, every where. In India, especially north India, the summers have turned into days and nights of scorching heat, humidity and heat waves throughout the day. Mostly, there is no sign of rain and people have to wait endlessly for rain, which can bring some respite from the heat. Back to US, I have witnessed three consecutive summers and never before this year, I saw weeks and weeks passing on without rain.

We need to do something on this very seriously. I mean there is so much ignorance about little things destroying environment directly and indirectly. I wouldn’t go far, but back in India only, the government keeps eyes closed over pollution, of all forms. We don’t pass regulations to keep things in a better shape. We keep on cutting trees to have statue of people who don’t even deserve a cut-out!