Month: August 2010

Whatever happened to the rain God!

So much wrong is going on with the weather everywhere on the earth. The Russia wildfires, major floods in Pakistan, incessant heat on the eastern coast of US, where it used to rain almost every other day during summers. I think (actually am sure of) that all this is somehow related to the major phenomenon called Global Warming.

It’s getting worse every day, every where. In India, especially north India, the summers have turned into days and nights of scorching heat, humidity and heat waves throughout the day. Mostly, there is no sign of rain and people have to wait endlessly for rain, which can bring some respite from the heat. Back to US, I have witnessed three consecutive summers and never before this year, I saw weeks and weeks passing on without rain.

We need to do something on this very seriously. I mean there is so much ignorance about little things destroying environment directly and indirectly. I wouldn’t go far, but back in India only, the government keeps eyes closed over pollution, of all forms. We don’t pass regulations to keep things in a better shape. We keep on cutting trees to have statue of people who don’t even deserve a cut-out!