Month: January 2012

Flipkart Advertisements

Flipkart advertisements have found a great following. Many of us (and yes that includes me) love the concept and the script for the commercials on air these days. Nonetheless, I know where from the idea of using babies/toddlers as actors and voice over of adults comes from. While in US, I saw commercials of E*trade, which is is online trading portal. The commercials have babies with adult voice overs.

Here is an E*trade commercial.

And here is a Flipkart commercial.

Team India continues to get mauled

I was not expecting a different result of the 3rd test match, after what I saw in the first two.

I have always believed that, losing is not something to feel ashamed of in a game, until you lost fighting till the last minute of the clock. Nonetheless, we all have seen the meek surrender of Indian Team in the first two tests and I was (honestly) not expecting a dramatic turn-around.

I was also not surprised to listen to the feedback and opinions and demands of the self-proclaimed cricket pundits, which the news channels these days call “Greats” of the game. Now, if you think Akash Chopra as a great, then I would have nothing but pity on you. So, with all this hoopla going on, people asking to phase out seniors are asking for what they think is the problem. But, I would like to point to those morons that, it’s not that only seniors or

Day 1


Woke up, got ready and paid a visit to the temple. Going to the temple is always peaceful and has a feel-good factor. So many times, I have thought over and decided that I should go there at least a week, esp when its not far from where I live. Sunny was with me and we walked down there.

We went for breakfast after that and the first breakfast for the new year was Idli Sambhar.

Started Fahrenheit 451.

Completed 25th Hour and then watched Moneyball.

In the evening, we headed to bowl at EOD in GIP, but there was waiting of 3 hours! Abhinandan and his friends joined us there and we decided to head over to Delhi. We went to Essex Farm, near IIT Delhi and played pool and then two games of bowling.

Dinner was back in Noida in Vinni’s, Sec 18.


Happy New Year

Another year has bid adieu and we have welcomed 2012 here.

Last year was more or less balanced on the good and the bad things for me. I just wish this new year bring more of the good things.

Celebrate the new year and welcome it with open hearts. Pledge to be good and do good.

Happy New Year!